Mission Statement

Waterford United Church is a welcoming and caring Christian community, sustained and inspired through worship, education and fellowship; helping individuals, families and the community to be what God calls us to be.

A Brief History

By 1855, it had been 37 years since Alvin Torry had made the first converts to Methodism in Waterford.  The congregation began its life in 1818 as part of the Methodist Episcopal Church now known as Waterford United Church.  A succession of saddlebag preachers had served the congregation, most of them for only a year or two.

The congregation had grown from the few converts of pioneer days to include a large number of families in 1855.  However, during all those years, the congregation did not have a home of its own.  By 1855 the time had come to construct a church building.

On March 16, 1855, James L. Green, a prominent local businessman and his wife, Elizabeth, sold the lot on which the United Church now stands for 20 pounds to the Trustees of the Church.  The property sits at the corner of Main and Church Streets.  The building went through a number of changes and updates over the years including renovations in 1889 and again in 2001.  In 2008 the building caught fire and burned beyond repair.

By 2010 a beautiful brand new accessible church was erected, the church standing today.


Waterford United Church supports groups by the use of our building including Early On Child Playtime, Girl Guides of Canada and Norfolk Aphasia Program.

  • We provide a free soup supper known as “Loaves of Bread” on the first Wednesday of every month.
  • We support the Waterford Food Cupboard through donations and appeals on their behalf.
  • We provide Christmas Hampers to less fortunate individuals and families every year.

Outreach supports local and international initiatives primarily through the Mission and Service division of the United Church of Canada.


Waterford United Church is famous for food! 

We hold meals during the local Pumpkinfest celebrations in October and a turkey dinner during the Christmas season.

Many soup lunches are held throughout the year which support the Mission and Service fund.


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